In a world enslaved by profit and corporate power no one should be surprised demented Americans can
buy or lay their hands on an arsenal of weapons and carry out ever greater massacres of innocent people,
many of them children.
        The power of the gun lobby defending the right to buy and bear arms coupled with the power of the
armament industry inventing more elaborate killer tools every year is so great in the U.S. no government is
willing to curb the free acquisition of even the most lethal of these weapons, among them assault rifles and
sniper guns, usually used only in war.
  Adults and children with a grudge or mentally unbalanced by a domestic or personal tragedy are
prone to ventilate their rage or despair by picking up any or all of the firearms in the household and
embark on a killing spree.
       Unlike fists or a knife, the gun is more efficient, more impersonal and can make an instant killer - often a
mass killer - of even a physically weak individual.
        While America mourned this month the twenty children and six adults gunned down at a Connecticut
elementary school by an ex-student, police in another part of the State arrested yet another student who was
allegedly plotting to lock his fellow students into the school auditorium and shoot them.
         Something must be fundamentally wrong with a nation that has the world's most powerful armed forces
and the most elaborate policing system but still allows its citizen to turn their homes into armed fortresses, a
nation permitting the sale of ever more deadly weapons, a nation shedding tears and emotions over the
corpses of victims of massacres but unwilling to stop or even curb the sale of the deadly tools the killers use.
         No doubt limiting citizen's access to automatic rifles and guns on sale would cut deep into the profit
margin of the gun-makers. Banning guns all together would send their booming industry bankrupt. But it would
save the lives of thousands of people.
n the wake of the last American tragedy one may ask why was it necessary for the mother of
the gunman to keep two sophisticated rapid-fire automatic pistols and an assault rifle at her home?
Was she expecting an invasion by Red Indians, escaped black slaves or Islamic Jihadi in a town
with a minimum crime rate?
           Perhaps Americans have been so frightened by the constant media reports about the threat from
terrorists that they feel compelled to defend their homes with enough weaponry to hold off an army.